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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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construction style. but cal tech seismologist, lucy jones warns the destruction from a shallow earthquake centered here would look very similar. >> we have buildings all over the state that are 100 years old, there was no seismic information whatsoever used in building those buildings. >> brick buildings crumbled in downtown napa when a 6.0 quake struck in 2014, but damage was limited because many had already been strengthened. >> if that building isn't reinforced, what happens to it in a large earthquake. >> well, so called unreinforced masonry buildings like that without any seismic strengthening is essentially what i call a "death. box." >> kit miyamoto is a california seismic safety commissioner and a structural engineer. his company strengthens buildings, like this one, in downtown la. >> before this was reinforced, if this big earthquake happened here, this will have major, major, major damage, even collapse. >> even though it's all concrete?
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built prior to 1980s, it could be really dangerous. >> the city of los angeles alone has identified 13,500 small residential apartment buildings that need strengthening which can cost tens of thousands of dollars each. but miyamoto says it's okay to start small. >> you don't have to fix everything, you don't have to be perfect about it. >> but every little thing you do. >> that's right. >> makes a difference. >> that's exactly correct. reporter:experts say even many of the are only earthquake "resistant." is that means they're built to allow people to get out alive. but may not necessarily be in happennable afterwards. >> reporter: in prescott, arizona, a playground was dedicated in memory of kayla mueller. she was a 26-year-old humanitarian aid worker captured by isis in syria and killed 18 months later. organizers say the playground in mueller's hometown pays tribute to her dedication to helping children.
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"micronesia" two castaways were rescued from a deserted island after writing sos in the sand. they disappeared in their 18-foot boat more than a week ago, and had no supplies. a u.s. navy plane spotted their distress signal, and gave their location to the u.s. coast guard in guam. coming up next: a court in france issues a ruling on what muslim women can wear at the beach, but the issue may not be settled. you inherit lots of traits from your family. my ancestor, lady eleanor, made it big in textiles. wrote existential poetry. and uncle john was an explorer. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin. now, i'm going to do something about it. kybella? is the first of its kind injectable treatment that destroys fat under the chin, leaving an improved profile. kybella? is an fda-approved non-surgical treatment for adults with a moderate amount of fullness... or a bit more. don't receive kybella? if you have an infection in the treatment area.
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>> ninan: muslim women in france are now free to wear so-called "burkinis." after one town banned the full-body swimwear. france's top administrative court stepped in to overturn the ruling. charlie d'agata reports. >> the burkini is back on the beach. the ban's been overturned in just one resort on the french riviera, but it's is expected to lead to the lifting of bans in all 30 coastal towns that had it in place. france's highest court agreed
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illegal violation of fundamental freedoms." activist marwan muhammad said it effectively banned devout muslims from the beach. >> this impact is huge politically because it sends a clear message to the political elite that you cannot stigmatize part of the population just because of their religion. fining women, forcing them to disrobe, and images like these of police surrounding a muslim women in a headscarf triggered a fierce debate about women's rights and france's stout for some beachgoers, the decision was a victory for common sense. france has more important things to worry about, she says. the fact they cancelled the ban is fantastic. the town's mayor doesn't see it that way. lionnel luca said the ruling would only heighten tensions. i hope they're satisfied, he said. the rampant islamization is progressing in our country.
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put the burkini ban in place after last month's isis-inspired terror attack. local leaders argued that the burkini was a risk to public order. the burkini's inventor, australian aheda zanetti, said her design was never meant to symbolize any political or religious statement. >> this is a swimsuit that represents freedom and sun and surf and happiness and swimming and leisure, family happiness. >> in other words, pretty ch just what everyone else wants when they go to the beach. charlie d'agata cbs news, london. >> ninan: charlie, thank you. still ahead, how the national parks are celebrating their 100th birthday.
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when we reach the first survivor. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. >> ninan: our national parks are celebrating their 100th birthday this weekend. chip reid has more on these timeless treasures. >> in 1872 thomas moran's spectacular paintings of a fantasy-like yellowstone created a national frenzy of excitement that helped lead to the creation of the nation's first national park. but it wasn't until 1916, a hundred years ago today, that the national park service was created to protect the rapidly expanding inventory. today the park service oversees 413 sites, including 59 major national parks, covering 84
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mountains, the most visited, to the grand canyon, the everglades. and the newest addition katahdin woods and waters national monument in maine, designated by president obama just yesterday. mike reynolds is deputy director of the national park service. >> so if you're a science person, you can go to edison and be in his lab as if he never had left. if you're a rock climber you can hang upside-down on yosemite national park on 400 foot cliffs. if you're a history buff you can walk through the steps of jackson and lee in the civil war. >> decades ago some politicians wanted to turn this old towpath and canal in maryland into a highway. but nature lovers prevailed. today it's the c&o canal national historical park. it runs 185 miles all the way from west virginia to washington, dc. and it gets almost five million visitors a year, including the determan family whose frequent visits have made 9 year old astrid wild about wildlife.
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the egrets. we really love nature. >> but keeping the parks in pristine condition is a struggle. there's a $12 billion maintenance backlog. congress did increase the budget this year. and entrance fees from about 307 million visitors a year do help. but this weekend will be no charge giving all americans a chance to experience a national treasure for free. chip reid, cbs news, potomac maryland. >> ninan: it's an offer they keep refusing. tens of millions of dollars for the building that houses their family's bookstore. ? some relationships you stick with. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to find the best plan, however your needs might change. because great things are ahead of you
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. >> ninan: we close tonight in a ritzy part of new york city, where a family-owned book store is still thriving. the owners, defiantly refusing to sell-out. anthony mason paid a visit. >> in midtown manhattan, squeezed in between the skyscrapers on east 59th street, is a six story literary oasis. the argosy bookstore has been in business for 91 years now. it's run by three sisters. >> and this is? >> "moby dick." >> judith lowry, the first born, is in charge of first editions. >> this is $14,000.
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>> this is an act of congress signed by thomas jefferson. >> runs the autographs department. and adina cohen, the youngest, presides over the map and art gallery. >> it has no central park. >> all in their 70's now, the three sisters have run argosy since their father died in 1991. >> a lot of people must come into this shop and wonder why you're still here. >> everyday. >> why are you still here? >> we are here because we own the building. otherwise we would have gone out of business long ago. louis cohen's smartest business decision. also worked at argosy, passed on their love of books to their three girls: sisters and brothers tend to have their battles. >> we do that off premises.
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>> the internet's brought in online orders from around the world, but even among those browsing the bargain bins, foot traffic is down: how often do you get offers to sell? >> a hundred times a year. >> a hundred times a year? >> i had three calls last week. >> you had three calls last week? >> but the sisters have already planned for their succesion: judith's son, ben lowry, will make sure this bookstore won't budge. you feel like you're protecting something? >> yes. we are protecting heritage. >> books. books are endangered. >> to louis cohen's daughters, its not the real estate that has the most value, it's the collection that it houses. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> ninan: now cbs week end news for this saturday. later on cbs, nfl preseason football. the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network cbsn at
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right now on cbs 2 news, vote 2016 team coverage begins in the corridor- . vote 2016 team coverage begins in the corridor. why there nativ section spending time back in town if what he said about an opponent. >> then donald trump cruises to iowa. you probably won't find him on a harley but we will show you what a senator roast and ride can do for campaign. >> and a local event is changing things up. what adjustments market after good evening - - it all started here with the caucuses - - and now iowa is one of the toss up states. with 72 days - until the election - tonight both parties - are pulling out all the stops - in pursuit of the presidency presidencycbs 2 news reporter connor morgan kicks off offtonight's team coverage with the latest from the democratic side -
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celebrity came home to support the clinton campaign.connor? matt and jenee.'ashton kutcher is back in the hawkeye state - and today he stopped by his he was back in cedar rapids to attract voters, back clinton and criticize trump. >> hometown hero is back in town and everybody is excited about it. >> i hope he can get the people in this room excited so that they can go out and get their friends excited so we can get people out to vote. hour here firing up people to get out and work for what you believe in. >> reporter: excitement and endorsement. >> we need people in positions of power that are serving us. i think that hillary stands for all of the things that we stand for. >> reporter: from clinton's support to kept. >> about her opponent. >> when you travel outside the united states they are like what the hell is wrong with you? the fact this guy is even on the ticket right now.


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